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Dear Class of 2020

Our story of inspiration today is derived from the graduating Class of 2020.

A few days we witnessed what looked like a concession line of vehicles riding through a neighborhood with sounds of cheers, horns and what looked like balloons hanging from the windows. It took us a moment to realize they were all going to one location, a graduates home. 

It is then that we were reminded that this year wasn’t like any other year especially for the graduating student. They didn’t have the opportunity to have that feeling of satisfaction the moment you walk across the stage and grab your diploma. They didn’t get to hear the cheers from family members and friends celebrating their success but this particular graduation day was different.

Graduate caps

The family members and friends drove to them and the graduate was outside with their cap and gown on with a smile from ear to ear. Although they didn’t have a stage, they had the support of family that congratulated them and celebrated them on their very special day. They took time out to recreate their commencement the best way they could and in our opinion they did AWESOME.

Female Graduate

So we say to the Class of 2020:

With everything that’s happening all around you in the world, you did it! You studied hard to get to the finish line no matter how difficult it was to focus. You survived! No, you didn’t just survive, you conquered and demolished the beginning of 2020 and all that came with it. In this time, there are elevating emotions and it can be quite consuming and overwhelming but we are proud of you for staying the course. We celebrate you today and want to encourage you to keep on going, keep on pushing, keep on striving for so much more.

We are proud of you and can’t wait to see what’s next for the Class of 2020!

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