Behind the Brand

The journey to following your dreams is often a difficult road with many turns and detours. At times you feel like giving it all up and forsaking that which was meant for you and you only. We share that feeling with you but we also share the feeling of being supported and pushed into your destiny, thus Wear What Inspires You was born. We're here to inspire, uplift and push you with words of encouragement in every piece of clothing you wear.

As you put on our apparel, you are reminded of how much you believe in yourself, how far you've come, how creative and unique you are. We all need some encouragement, help and support at one time or another so with every purchase, we reserve a portion to give back to those that need a little help in making their dreams come to pass. If we're being completely, sometimes you don't have everything you need and don't know where to look and this very reason is one of the reasons this brand was born; to help other dreamers like ourselves believe that there's at least one person who believes in you and all that you can accomplish.

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