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A Day in the Park

Who loves the park? 🙋🏽‍♀️
Who loves good food? 🙋🏽‍♀️
Who loves taking pictures? 🙋🏽‍♀️

All our loves in one place and to top it all off, great company! 

One of our favorite couples and best friends, Levonte & Shante Knight had the idea to spend a day in the park and what a great idea it was. Upon arrival, we immediately noticed the parking lot was full so clearly, many others had the same idea on Memorial Day. Did we mention it was Memorial Day when we went? Our apologies. We found a space and took a walk around the park and what a sight it was. We saw people picnicking, taking pictures, playing in the fields of grass. We couldn’t believe the amount of people that had the same idea especially given everything going on around us with COVID-19 but at the same time, it was refreshing and inspiring.  People were smiling (faces covered of course but it’s all in the eyes, right), running around, playing with family, feeding ducks (who I think outnumbered us in multiple locations), exercising, eating and just overall enjoying the outdoors. We’ve been on a stay-at-home order for so long that it felt good to just get out and breath fresh air and do some of the things we love.

We took safety precautions, social distancing in effect and all but it was just good to see the pandemic hasn’t totally discouraged, impaired or dehumanized us. We even had time to take some photos of the beautiful flowers in the garden and our favorite muse. When we’re not creating designs to put on our products, we dabble a bit in photography and here’s some of our favorite shots we took that day.

As you can see, they’re no stranger to the lens and so photogenic. They emulate love, peace and absolute joy. Their love is an absolute inspiration and  we would be remiss if we didn’t share just a piece of it (visually) with the world. 

Picture of a rose

Day in the park with couple


This is so awesome and creative… The pictures are breathtaking and you can feel the love in the photos and behind the phots. Congratulations on such awesome work.

Donna Harden

Absolutely beautiful!! I really enjoyed this blog and I’m looking forward to many more ❤️

Shante Knight

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